Tommy Swanhaus has focused his career on creating innovative quality content for top media outlets and Fortune 500 brands. His entrepreneurial drive has earned him min's 2009 Integrated Marketing Award, a Streamy Award Nomination, and recognition as a top content publisher. He has been published and quoted in industry and mainstream publications, such as Forbes, The New York Times, Reuters, The Hollywood Reporter, and USA Today. He has lectured to top advertising and broadcasting executives on how to create multi-platform content for online, digital, mobile, and traditional distribution outlets.  He is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which is comprised of more than 375 leading media and technology companies who are responsible for selling 86% of online advertising in the United States.  His projects have run the gamut and have involved award winning photographers, directors, actors, musicians, and artists, along with upcoming talent.  

In 2009, Mr. Swanhaus founded Media Haus Agency, a full service-marketing agency and production company specializing in new media. Mr. Swanhaus has positioned himself and his company to provide brands with innovative "more for less" multi-platform marketing solutions. His approach stems from the ability to combine great quality content with the right technology and partners to maximize his clients’ return on investment. 

In addition to his content partnerships and branding deals with Google and YouTube, Mr. Swanhaus is founder and creator of over twenty websites and online channels, including his own digital distribution platform,  Launched in early 2010, is the premiere destination for original quality content on the web featuring established, world-renowned artists as well as up-and-coming talent throughout the entertainment industry. 

Prior to Media Haus Agency, he was a founder and partner of Swan Haus Media. He grew Swan Haus Media into one of the media industry's leaders in digital, online, and mobile content. At Swan Haus Media, his multi-platform series created for the Playboy brand, “Interns”, was hailed by media insiders as the first success on the mobile platform. It has drawn the attention of national consumer media publications and digital trade outlets, as well as NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “ABC World News Now,” USA Today, Reuters, Newsday, and E! Online. 

Mr. Swanhaus was previously a creator and executive producer of TLC’s (Discovery Comm. Inc.) docu-series, “The Bussey Bunch”. Mr. Swanhaus brought the project to the production company Original Media, which lead to a twelve-episode deal with TLC, which has 87 million subscribers and worldwide distribution.

In 2006, Mr. Swanhaus’ position was that of an in-house producer for Original Media, a New York production company focusing on film and television programs.  He created the presentation tape and cast talent for Original Media’s “Traveling Sideshow,” which TLC originally ordered to pilot. Tommy was also a producer for Fuse’s (Rainbow Media) series “Crusty Dirt Demons.” While creating and casting for Original Media’s network presentation tapes, Mr. Swanhaus was involved in overseeing the total operating revenue for the company’s seven shows/pilots. He created and ran the accounts receivable and payable department, along with the company financial projections and reports; handled insurance policies for various shows, interfaced with network auditors, and was involved in other aspects of day-to-day operations. In 2008, Original Media was acquired by Endemol for $50 million.

Prior to Original Media, Mr. Swanhaus was Manager of Development for SOL Productions.  He was charged with creating and managing over 65 films and TV endeavors over the course of two years. Recruiting and working with some of the entertainment industry’s top professionals, he collaborated with managers, agents, and lawyers with the goal of attaching talent and potential sponsors to specific projects. He implemented creative direction on scripted series, manuscripts, films, and children’s entities that were acquired by the production company. Mr. Swanhaus also created show proposals and treatments that he presented to network executives.

In 2001, Mr. Swanhaus founded Weed Wizards, a landscaping company based in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and served as CEO. He sold the company in 2003.  He also pioneered, a cost saving Internet Company, in 2000.  He orchestrated the initial capital for the start-up company while pitching and facilitating strategic partnerships. He also oversaw the functionality and creativity of the website.

Tommy Swanhaus graduated from Duke University where he studied Public Policy with a concentration in Mass Media.